Should you wish to contribute a tax-deductible donation to the fund we would be very appreciative and humbled by your support. Donations to Quinterra Legacy Garden (in partnership with Parks Foundation Calgary) can be made online at Parks Foundation, Calgary. All online donations will receive a tax receipt via email instantly. Mail in donation forms can be located at Parks Foundation, Calgary under DONATE. Cheques that come with e-mail information will receive a tax receipt from Parks Foundation, Calgary as an agent of the City of Calgary for any amount. Only cheques of $100.00 or more with NO e-mail information will be mailed a tax receipt. Alternatively, donations can also be made on our GoFundMe Campaign.

If you are unable to donate that’s okay, we would appreciate it if you could please share this with other friends and family that may be able to do so. A little share can go a long way.

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