The legacy garden turns tragedy into hope for all Calgarians

March 12th, 2019 (Calgary) – It was announced today that a very special legacy garden will be constructed in South Glenmore Park, with the groundbreaking taking place later this spring.

The Quinterra Legacy Garden will celebrate five inspiring young people, Lawrence Hong, Josh Hunter, Kaitlan (Kaiti) Perras, Jordan Segura, and Zackariah Rathwell, whose lives were lost on April 15, 2014, in the quiet suburban neighborhood of Brentwood in Calgary. The garden will be the city’s first fully dedicated music garden and intimate performance space, designed in a vibrant, green area to create community, build harmony and celebrate life.

The Quinterra Legacy Garden will house interactive musical and play elements along with a 30-foot diameter stage for programming, such as music, dance, theatre, spoken word, yoga, and healing circles. The garden will foster a sense of discovery, play, inspiration, creativity, reflection, contemplation and positive well-being for all visitors.

“The Quinterra Legacy Garden is full of unity and love. It cultivates community in an area that embodies a positive, energetic spirit,” says Barclay Hunter, on behalf of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group. “It is our way of thanking Calgarians for their incredible support during the last five years and for reminding us that there is light beyond tragedy and loss.”

The Quinterra Legacy Garden Group is a community of families and friends of the five lives lost in the 2014 tragedy. To build a strong community, the Quinterra Legacy Garden will support the arts through creativity, mental health through meditation and healing, youth through play and inclusivity, strong families through community and discovery and will give back to Calgary with a new amenity for the public to enjoy.

“Our hope is that the garden will be a vibrant and intimate gathering place for public performances or quiet contemplation. People will leave the garden with a clear mind,” says Shannon Miller of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group. “This isn’t just a typical garden. We’re going to have unique programming, performances, and interactive activities for the public to enjoy.”

Photo courtesy of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group and Bassett Associates Landscape Architecture.

Photo courtesy of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group and Bassett Associates Landscape Architecture.

The garden will have ongoing programming and will be a local spot for intimate performances and activities such as drum circles, yoga and reading groups. Interactive music instruments, supplied by Percussion Play and Freenotes Harmony Park, will be placed throughout the garden to add energy and harmony to the Quinterra Legacy Garden.

“We hope it will be a space to build community, emulate love, spread positivity and inspire reflection,” says Ronda-Lee Rathwell of the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group. “Our vision is to see Calgarians in the garden with their family and friends, enjoying the arts or a meditation program and being thankful for today.”

The park will include elements representing the five individuals lost, reflecting each of their personalities through inclusivity and the arts. Visitors of the garden will feel a sense of belonging and warmth, radiated by the pieces built within the space. Design elements will embrace motifs that represent the number five—five branches, leaves and roots in the garden logo; a five-pointed star on the performance stage; and five chairs placed in front of five flowering trees planted in the garden.

The Quinterra Legacy Garden Group is partnering with the City of Calgary, Parks Department, Parks Foundation, Calgary, Bassett Associates Landscape Architecture and the Prophets of Music. The Quinterra Legacy Fund has been developed to further support the garden and is seeking contributions to meet its goal of raising $750,000. Charitable tax receipts are provided for any donations given for the garden.

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About the Quinterra Legacy Garden Group:
The Quinterra Legacy Garden Group are a community built of family and friends of Joshua Hunter, Kaitlan Perras, Jordan Segura, Lawrence Hong, and Zackariah Rathwell – the five young lives lost in a tragedy on April 15, 2014, in Calgary’s Brentwood neighbourhood. The Quinterra Legacy Garden Group’s mission is to provide a peaceful, contemplative and vibrant outdoor space for Calgarians to reflect, heal and remember. The Group supports student initiatives related to music, the arts, and community, and will continue to build legacies. For more information click here.

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