“The reason this park is important is that it reminds us to take a moment and remember. Not only the tragedy that shook our entire city but the beauty of the significance of the different elements of each of the victims that will forever be in our hearts. It will be a place to build community and spend time with family all while encouraging us all to enjoy our city and the outdoors.”

Filomena Eremita
Instructional Designer-Learning & Development
WestJet Airlines

“What a gift the Quinterra Legacy Garden represents to the overall Calgary community! The setting, performance space and musical interaction elements of Quinterra will serve to further promote the arts amongst all the children and families that choose to use it, either as an audience member, a participant on-stage or through musical play on one of Quinterra’s many over-sized instruments. I couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of this project moving forward to completion, and introducing my grandchildren, friends and other family members to all that it offers.”

Gordon Dolph

“I believe the Quinterra Legacy Garden is important because of the five people it represents and their loving families. Also, the friends, the “second” families of the five, fellow U of C students and the caring community of Calgary. It will be a beautiful garden to ease the pain of all affected and a place of peace to reflect on the memories of the Five.”

Mary Lynn Allen

“The park is important because a tragic situation will turn into something positive and will commemorate the lives of these young individuals. Their legacy will live on through the park and in our hearts.”

Rosario Tugle

“I enthusiastically feel that The Quinterra Legacy Garden projected for South Glenmore Park represents the quintessential spirit of giving back to the community. It’s thoughtful commemorative design and location will inspire Calgarians of all ages to engage interactively in a very special way. Not only does the artistic theme offer unique opportunities for children to enjoy creative pursuits, but the added benefit of an all-season place for quiet reflection holds significant meaning. My family and friends will most certainly celebrate this worthwhile Quinterra Legacy Garden at South Glenmore Park by making regular visits and continuing to embrace all of its fine benefits for many years to come.”

Patricia Meilleur

“This park is a beautiful expression of the love we have for these five beautiful kids and how we all feel that any one of us could have been the parents. It takes a village to raise a child. We can all raise our children in this beautiful park filled with opportunities in dance, yoga, music and peaceful reflection. I love the thought of using it for us to meet and come together, young and old. A sense of community is the number one factor in happiness for all ages. We need that in Calgary more than ever.”

Nancy McKenzie

“I work as a Somatic Educator in Calgary. Somatic Education is a process of using movement to help to restore an easy function in someone’s nervous system. I work with people who have pain, who have issues walking or have sports injuries. I work with people who have anxiety, depression and grief. I work with people who have experienced trauma and carry the echo of that through how their nervous system organizes them throughout their lives. There are fundamental building blocks for a healthy and well-functioning nervous system that are easily lost. These can be rebuilt with the right experiences. In my career, I have found that being outdoors in a natural environment is a key factor in improving how we feel. I have also found that feeling like we are part of a community is very important. If people have experienced trauma, I have found music and rhythm are extremely powerful to help these people find a sense of self, which is lost when we have experienced trauma. I am excited by the Quinterra Legacy Garden. I see such potential in its ability to bring people into a beautiful space, to be part of a community and to feel the fundamental benefit of rhythm to our sense of self. I would love to have an opportunity to experience this space for myself as an individual, and with those who are part of my community, friends, family and all the many people I have not yet had the pleasure of crossing paths with. It would be a wonderful environment in which to share the power of Somatic Education. This garden will provide new possibilities for the people of Calgary.”

Elizabeth Wakley
somatic movement for life

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